This time, I want to say something short before the year come to an end, and this time it's about AI....Continue reading
Today I woke up knowing I will never be the same. I miss you. So so much. So very much. I will never be whole again....Continue reading
I case you are one of the selected few who spend more time on this blog than youtube...Continue reading

older posts


and sirens

This time the only thing I can deliver is this half-assed poem....Continue reading

I guess that's all folks

at least we almost tried

Fellow comrades, it was a pleasure to try to fix this shithole with you. See you next life....Continue reading

We are but dwarfs

Standing on dwarfs' shoulders

When think about the current conflict in Ukraine I have the feeling we are still trapped in the middle of the cold war, or that we are still splitting the Holy Roman Empire when we talk about Covid an...Continue reading

In the beginning there was sex

and sex was with God. And sex was God

Some days I want to feel sexy and show more skin, and other days I want to be fully covered. My body is my vessel to create, to tell stories....Continue reading

Why I hate people

and why you probably should too

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught me anything, then that people are stupid, ignorant, irrational and totally worth despising...Continue reading

A death wish

Or about the ultimate hope

The temperatures here in Berlin are slowly sinking. The days are something between sunny and stay-in-bed-gray. Let's use this excuse for getting a cup of tea, getting all cozy and darky....Continue reading

Why a good definition is a bad definition (pt. 1)

Or about Jack in the box

In this first part I will attempt to explain why I think a definition is good and necessary for communication. Unpopular opinion: Let's think in boxes...Continue reading

A new blog!

Or what to expect

It is customary to think and to write and to write down what one thinks. And I will abide. This blog seeks to find meaning through rants and love and everything in between...Continue reading

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