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Hang tight
All you
Nothing like a big bad bridge
To go burning through


About the piece

It might sound like a story written by Kafka or Borges, I know, but it really happened. A whole time ago I went to Prague for the first time a got lost in its narow beautiful alleys only to find myself again in an antiquity store admiring a piece I was told was made by someone going by the name of Démetre Chiparus. I instantly fell in love with the subject, but was not able to take the bronze cast home.

Years later I returned to the place I could more or less recall being the housing to that shop, but nothing there resembled my memories of the place. I might blame it on the absynth, but it would probably be unfair. Be as it may, this was the event that inspired this tribute and sparkled my love for Chiparus' work.

A summary for collectors:

Des Vertrauens

epoxy clay · metal · acrylics · wood
height aprox. 30 cm