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art of akume<!-- --> <!-- --> — Hydralisk ~Impaler Strain~
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Hydralisk ~Impaler Strain~

The only good hydralisk is one charred to a smoldering crisp.

-Annual Hydralisk Derby slogan

The subject

There is not a lot to say about a hydralisk, is it? If you are reading this, chances are you already know what a hydralisk is and why it is cool. If not, let me explain briefly: a hydralisk is subject of the Zerg, an alien race organized as a swarm, controlled by a central entity called the Overmind (yes, it was later destroyed, so the assimilated Sarah Kerrigan took over control in form of the Queen of Blades, who then went through a weird process of de-zergification, losing control of the swarm, only to then become the Primal Queen of Blades in Zerus in order to retake control of the swarm and then become a Xel'naga and hand over the control of the swarm to their swarm mothers, but let's keep things simple and spoiler-free, shall we?). In any way we are talking about Starcraft, so of course we are talking about nerdy geeky stuff and crazy sci-fi. But the game is quite good.

In any case, if you happen to be a collector looking for one of a kind piece of one of the most emblematic Zerg, this is your chance. The internet might be full of hydralisk stuff, but have you ever seen any Impaler Strain hydralisk, like the very onne created by Abathur from the impalers found in Marek V? If you have, let me know, because I most definitely haven't.

Why the impaler strain?

Well, mostly because it was a completely new unit introduced by Heart of the Swarm, but also because the only real alternative would have been the Lurker Strain. And those are real creepy. Don't be a lurker. Seriously.

A summary for collectors

epoxy clay · metal · acrylics · wood · zerg creep
height aprox. 20 cm
available on Etsy

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