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words to learn to cry

What good is art you can't wear?

-The fashion designer in me

The source of inspiration

These shoes were originally designed for the piece Queen of Decadence. The original design drew some heavy inspiration of the Vegetal Obscenities by Aoi Kotsuhiroi. Unlike the latter, Words to Learn to Cry aims to be a fully functional piece of clothing, doing away with precious materials and concentraating in both, a good fit and a realitvely good walkability for this kind of shoes.

The shoes were comissioned for a video project, I can unfortunately not yet link to here.

Slow fashion

These shoes are carefully sculpted of expoxy clay, reinforced by a metal soul to keep the stiletto-like heels stable. The cavities are carved to adjust leather straps. The body of the shoes it lacquered to high gloss to create a high contrast to the mate leather straps.

Why the name?

The question should probably be "why would you give a proper name to any garment?", and the only answer I can offer is: it is not about giving a name to a piece of clothing, but giving a title to wearable art. This title plays learning something innate through a cognitive process with the help of verbal constructs, similar to the process of articulating one's aesthetical preferences regarding fashion.

About garments in general

Every now and then I take up to design and create unique garments. You can see think of them as a way of sculpting human shape. These uniques pieces normally start as tiny garments for my sculptures and are then sewn as a functional prototype in real human-usable size. They are mostly created as comissions and are thus generally not available as a part of a collection. But in case any garment catches your attention, feel free to contact me, I will be more than glad to obligue.

A summary for collectors

metal · wood · lacquer · leather · epoxy clay

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