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About personality

Or how to fake it

Today I found myself missing someone and scrolling on insta. Probably a feeling we all are quite well acquainted with.

Another feeling we probably all know, is finding memes or whatever post with some text and sending them to those people that mean anything to us.

And thus, my friends, I found ourselves, those dear people and myself, communicating in memes and quotes and shit. All nice and good, and so relatable, so practical, so relatable because "OMG, that's literally us", so nice, I guess. But then it hit me: How many people are doing the same? Communicating with exactly the same memes, the same quotes, the same all. I mean, just look at all those likes, they have to mean something, don't they? So, if all of those people, ourselves included, are liking and sharing these quotes, aren't we all having the same conversation in a way? Using the same blocks written down by someone else and orchestrated by all of us in a different order, sometimes other account, slightly different framing, but the same thoughts all the way?

I don't want to extrapolate this and imply that all personality in this world is dead because social media has robbed us of all creativity. In the end, I am only describing my experience with accounts like wordology, love.quotes, thirty af and the infinity of meme accounts and sites. This said, I'm not trying to be demeaning of this sort of communication. But at the same time, I can't but feel that there is something generic in this. After all, we could be writing our own messages saying "I miss you", "I want to eat you out", "I love your ass" or the likes, right? Then why is it, quote pages are so successful? Is it the convenience of just sharing a thought without having to write it down? Is it the aesthetics of those quotes being written on a vintage paper? Or revealing a hidden message in a video? Is it maybe the ease of dirty talking without having to write it yourself? Or is it maybe the reassurance of knowing the thought we are sharing is normal because we are not the only ones having it? Is this the same reasons why edgy and not so edgy birthday cards were (are?) so popular?

I don't know. Maybe I should just scroll less.

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