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Oozing black

Or when the hand guides the heart

I case you are one of the selected few who spend more time on this blog than youtube, chances are high you haven't watched my newest video/ newest poem. Thus here I am no kindly invite you watch it, like, follow, smash the bell. You know the drill. In any case I'll let you alone with it here:

Oozing black

She gives me the most cruel of deaths
Deliciously painful and slow
With her herpes mouth
And her nine inch nails

Her love is sweet
Like mom's
Jared strawberry jam
And bitter like dad's
Blackened heart and working hands

Green fades
Back to black

The sun shines upon my eyes
When I catch a glimpse of her smile
Icicles in her mouth
So cold
The absence
Her silence
Her never more

It's sunday morning
The shadows spilled
Of a sun slaughtered in its sleep

Red fades
To black

She gives me the most painful of all deaths
With her loving eyes
And her crooked smile
Stubborn, stubborn little plaything
I ask again "why?"

Her heart
A lonely afterthought
An empty carcass
Painted in decaying red

All fades to black
Only silence
And then

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