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A new blog!

Or what to expect

It is customary to think and to write and to write down what one thinks. Or at least so I've been told. And I will abide. Mostly because I hold the hope I won't be the only one enjoying this. And I hope this hope will hold.

Why a blog

Not only from bread alone lives the man, and I'm certainly no exception. I love bread and I love butter. So, if making art was the bread that keeps this project going, the community, the exhibitions, the conversations that derive from it would be the butter, the every word that breathes sense into life.

I have been writing actively for some years now. And the sweet temptation of making something more than just scripts and lost lines and making it publicly available has been in my mind for so many years now. However, the road to publishing has been but a rosy one.

Ages ago (it must have been 2008 or 2009) I wrote my first short novel Alice in Neverland: The deflowering clock as the culmination of the exercise of writing one poem a day with the Hemingway method. It was challenging and I ultimately failed. Mostly because writing a book, a poetry anthology and having a life (at least I was young enough to not depend on a job) don't mix well. It was a nice experiment into creative and romanticized alcoholism that was never published.

Another attempt to get something publishable started years later with the novel Dum Spiro Spero. I haven't finish writing it, but I haven't given up on that one neither, although sometimes I think I rather should: The progress has been excruciatingly slow during the past 10 years(!) and there is still no end to be seen. As a matter of fact, the progress on this novel has stagnated to the point I started cannibalizing the project and using its parts for other projects, such as the audio-sensory experiments you can find on YouTube.

The logical conclusion to this search for an informal a quick self-publishing medium was, of course, to make this blog, this blog. A blog to bury all past attempts and to rest in peace.

What this is about

The idea to talk more about what moves my hand has lingered in my mind for quite some time now. Normally I don't talk a lot about my works and my art. There are these persons who you find in parties, magnificently networking, selling their works, and making friends and clients at the same time. I'm not one of those. So, besides a SEO bonus, I think writing down all these thoughts that pester me under the shower, in the train and in bed will not only help me to not forget them, but will allow us, you and me, to establish a different basis of subjects to talk about (maybe).

On the other hand, I enjoy playing with all these subtle, somewhat really useless thoughts. And I like sharing them with others. Not because I think I'm sharing words of wisdom, but because sparkling someone's mind is also rewarding. And because I like my thoughts. To quote something quotable:

I don't want to be a legend

Oh well that's a god damned lie - I do

To say I do this for the people

I admit is hardly true

Emilie Autumn

What to expect

A good question deserves a simple answer: rants. That's it. To live is to rant. To fall in a rage and to fall in love with it. And to find meaning through the love one feels and that shapes perception.

Since I will be writing here sporadically and quickly, you can expect lots of typos. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. If things go well, I might keep up a good pace and write a post every month.

I won't be posting any images here because the internet is already full of them (even this website has already a mirage of them). I might quote every now and then (hopefully not only myself), but inspirational quotes is something I would really not expect in this blog. Inspiration yes...hopefully.

In a word: This is what you can expect. And I really do hope, you will enjoy.


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