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I guess that's all folks

At least we almost tried

As we all know: The best plans of mice and and men often go fucking shit to hell. Or, as Mafalda used to say: Urgent things always keep you from doing the important ones. That is to say: One day you realize how important it is to prevent climate change from happening but have some serious economic crisis to take care of . Then you realize climate change needs to be resolved post-haste as it starts becoming life threatening, but have to take care of energy concerns first (and covid, of course). And next thing you realize Mother Russia just decided to run amok and the priority is to take stabilize the markets, secure alliances and energy sources, so to hell with the wold. At least we can say we tried...or attempted to, at best. Fellow comrades, it was a pleasure to try to fix this shithole with you. See you next life. Welcome to a new rant. Grab yourself a strong drink and feel free to join me as we go down this rabbit-hole of Weltschmerz.

Fuck life

In my previous post I talked about how disappointing our times can look like when compared to the hopes we had in the 90's. I talked about how I resented old stigmata, the lack of cultural understanding we have for other cultures and how apparently the world is still living in a polarized Cold-War world. Nothing could have hurt more that seeing not only our minds, but now also our bodies are fully engaging that reality as Ukrainian territory is torn apart by war.

Technology is still going it's way. And today I can't but resent having a big 4k TV on which to watch the vivid and colorful images of a roaring war. The look so real it almost hurts. Only they are real and they do hurt.

Fuck the army

I have always been clear in my position against armies, war and the concept of states and nations. A dreamer, if you so wish, an idiot. Nothing hurts more than see your convictions torn apart by your feeling, the world in your mind, nice and tidy being engulfed by a call to action: fight for your beliefs, defend what you cherish.

One of the reason's I came to the European Union was their almost defiant motto of never again having war in Europe. Of course there are more that enough reasons to not complain against the wars fought by their armies in other countries. But what with the Ukraine? Is it not Europe? Why are we not doing anything but excluding the problem boy from playing with our ball? I hate to say it, and I hate to quote Bismarck on this, but:

„Nicht auf Preußens Liberalismus sieht Deutschland, sondern auf seine Macht; Bayern, Württemberg, Baden mögen dem Liberalismus indulgieren, darum wird ihnen doch keiner Preußens Rolle anweisen; Preußen muß seine Kraft zusammenfassen und zusammenhalten auf den günstigen Augenblick, der schon einige Male verpaßt ist; Preußens Grenzen nach den Wiener Verträgen sind zu einem gesunden Staatsleben nicht günstig; nicht durch Reden und Majoritätsbeschlüsse werden die großen Fragen der Zeit entschieden – das ist der große Fehler von 1848 und 1849 gewesen –, sondern durch Eisen und Blut.“

We are not Prussia. And we don't have to start a war to voice our resolve. The war already started and we need to put our action's where our mouth is: How many "The war to end all wars" do we need to have to finally do it?

Fuck the USA

The ones of you who know me know far too well I not a big fan of the USA. Not of their immigration nor their foreign policies, not of their cultural propaganda, not of their advocacy for democracy. And even now, I won't hesitate to think that, out of this mess, the ones who will probably profit most of this shit are the USA, with Europe closing their ranks in their NATO alliance and more dependent than ever on USA's gas, army and weapons.

If you had asked me 10 days ago, I would have put my life on the line to tell you Russia wouldn't go this far. I would have told you that their legitimate interest to protect themselves form the growing NATO threat was legitimate and needed to be taken seriously. I would have advocated for Russia. Maybe I did. And now I stand as a fool, looking back at the jokes I made, at the people I told to not let themselves be fooled by Hollywood's propaganda, in which all evil-plotters, world-ending hackers and havoc-bringer mafiosi are Russian, and to give Russia a chance.

See you next life

To look 10 days back is to look into a different world. A world that might have had a chance to do away with polarization. A world in which we had a lot of overwhelming challenges that we could have tackled with time, and will and resources. But those will now most certainly go down the war machinery's throat, along with so many lives and so many hopes.

Maybe we could have done better. Who knows. Fuck life. Can we just fast forward to the next iteration, please?

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