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She's made of hair and bone and little teeth and things that I cannot speak
She comes on like a crippled plaything
Her spine is just a string

- Marilyn Manson

A few words about the subject

Beforre you go nuts and start judging the piece because...well, Manson, please hear me out. This piece was created way before Manson started desecrating his image with his abusive, racist and misogynistic behavior. Those were times.

It's safe to say that Twisted Muse is by far the trickiest sculpture I haver worked on. I started working on this one in 2012. The first version of the subject and the outfit was finished during the same year. However, this piece has moved housings, changed clothes and poses many times, as you can see on my Deviant Art.

The subject has been truly haunting me quite some time, same as the Manson's song Tourniquet suggests. The idea wa born of the nightmarish process of creating art, being in love with an idea that haunts and torments the artist, till it finally materializes as something that can not be controlled, subdued or forgotten anymore. Something with a life of its own that crawls from the depths of someone else's mind and changes its host a it mutates further. The seduction of creation, a truly twisted and cruel muse.

The long road out of hell

The original sketch for Twisted Muse is way older than most of the pieces listed on my portfolio and dates from 2007, a time in which I didn't have the time, the interest or the maturity to have a portfolio. As such, the sketch either didn't survive the events of life since then, or just went lost in time. Either way, the original idea had plenty of time to mutate until I started working again on it in 2012.

There have been many versions of Twisted Muse, so many I have lost count on them. So far I have been reworking this piece for about 10 years, revisiting it time and again. breaking it, repairing it, updating it. The version diplayed on this gallery doesn't exist anymore. A new version is on the works and will be done by the end of summer 2021. You can either follow me on instagram or join my telegram group to follow progress.

A summary for collectors:

Twisted Muse

epoxy clay · metal · hair · lacquer · acrylics · rope · wood
height aprox. 40 cm
available on Etsy